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Kabi Systems Intel, KSI, has developed several products and services. These range from simple database driven web applications to complex engineering products. These are developed using different technologies on a wide range of environments. Please see below for more information on our products

Brand Identity

We design a wide range of brand identity products, these range from logo design to business cards, websites and brochures

Systems Supports

Our systems support department does not only support the systems, they also implement systems and networks for different clients

Cloud Services

These range from implementing systems and services in the cloud to hosting web based and data processing algorithms in the cloud. Call us for more information

Professional Design

We design and implement websites and software systems. Our software development department follows proper software development life cycle methodologies

App Development

Kabi Systems Intel develops a wide range of applications, these range from Android, iOS, and windows apps to high end computing devices apps

Clean Code

You want to pay for your app or system code, yes you have that option. Out code is as clean as nothing and is much easier to read and understand

About us

Kabi Systems Intel, KSI, is composed of different professional with different levels of experties. We also involve several consultants in our work. This is to enable us to better implement our projects and reduce time to deliver our products to our customers.

We also involve consultants from non-IT specialisations to better implement our projects. These include Accountants, Human Resource Specialists, Physical Scientists, Marketing and Sales, Operations and more

User Experiances


Web Design





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Web Design Pricing

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  • Self help setup
  • No Email
  • No CMS
  • No monthly support


  • Wordpress CMS
  • Email Setup
  • No Outlook Support
  • No monthly support


  • Wordpress CMS
  • Email setup
  • Outlook support
  • Monthly Support

Contact Us

Do you have questions and/or would you like to be part of the winning team. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to hear from you

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